Welcome to the Bennetzen Lab

We are interested in plant genome structure and evolution, especially the nature of rearrangements and the contributions of transposable elements. We also study the relationship between genome structure, evolution and gene function. We have long-standing interests in genetic diversity and its use in under-utilized crops of the developing world, the rapid evolution of complex disease resistance loci in plants, fine structure recombinational analysis, biomass improvement for bioenergy, and the coevolution of plant/microbe and plant/parasite interactions.
Striga hermonthica
The pineapple genome and the evolution of CAM photosynthesis
Nature Genetics, 2015
The maize B73 reference genome
(B73 RefGen_v1):
Concentric circles show aspects of the genome.
Science, 2009
Distribution of genes (exons),
transposable elements and segregation distortion
on two S. italica chromosomes.
Nature Biotechnology, 2012